Tongue & lip release procedure


Tongue-tie and lip-tie release is a simple procedure with minimal complications when using a laser and good technique. Our Doctors are board certified pediatric dentists and certified laser operators, with a center dedicated to your child. The laser allows for excellent visualization and precision during the procedure to achieve a full release of all the fibers, which typically does not happen with scissors or a scalpel. The procedure may be performed as early as a couple of days after birth and even well into adulthood. The sooner a tongue or lip-tie is addressed, the better the procedure will work and the less issues the child will have.


The release procedure can be performed in our office with very little discomfort to the patient. Our Doctors use the highest quality, state-of-the-art CO2 laser to perform the release. Older children who understand the procedure may receive some numbing medicine and calming nitrous oxide and often report no pain during the procedure. Younger children and babies usually cry more due to us working in their mouth than the pain from the release.


The laser gently removes the tight tissue with typically minimal bleeding, no stitches and no sedation or hospital anesthesia. Most of the time the release procedure only takes about 20 seconds or less. Babies are allowed to nurse immediately after the procedure, and older children often notice an immediate difference in mobility of the tongue. Often speech is improved within a few minutes to a few weeks, but speech therapy is recommended to achieve optimal results.

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