Rapid Palatal Expander Use


Your child has received a palatal expander today and the following may be observed:


  1. The teeth may be sore during the expansion phase of treatment; if so Advil, Ibuprofen or Motrin may be used. Typically this discomfort stops within the first 2-3 days of insertion. If pain persists, please contact our office.

  2. A wide gap will appear between the two front teeth, however do not worry as the teeth will typically move back together once active expansion is complete.

  3. Your child may hyper-salivate and/or have a slight lisp. This should subside once he or she becomes accustomed to the appliance.

  4. To assist your child in adjusting to the appliance... for the first few days avoid giving them difficult to eat foods which have the tendency to lodge around the palate. (for example a peanut butter sandwich)


Finally, remember to turn the appliance as instructed, avoid hard sticky food and to call our office should the appliance become loose or come off.

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