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Dr. Shisler spent his childhood in Houston before moving to attend high school and college in Oklahoma. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, Dr. Shisler decided to follow in his mother's footsteps and teach elementary and middle school science with Teach For America in southeast Houston. Dr. Shisler then chose to attend dental school at the University of Texas School of Dentistry in Houston, where he graduated in 2012. Dr. Shisler completed his specialty training and thesis defense at UTSD in 2014 and earned an additional Masters of Science in Dentistry and certificate in Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Shisler has been with the Cammarata Pediatric Dentistry Group since 2012 when he began as the on-call trauma doctor; he transitioned to full-time during the summer of 2014.


Dr. Shisler has been recognized by many professional dental organizations even prior to graduation from dental school. Most notably, Dr. Shisler was elected to serve as President of the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) from 2011-2012. As president of ASDA, he represented over 17,000 dental students from national dental schools and liaised with groups like the American Dental Association, dental educators, and governmental entities such as the U.S. Department of Education and other federal policymakers. Dr. Shisler has also been active in the local professional community, where he was the sole student representative on the Greater Houston Dental Society's board of directors, as well as a four-year representative in the Texas Dental Association House of Delegates. Upon graduating from dental school, Dr. Shisler was recognized as the Texas Dental Association's Outstanding Graduating Senior, honored with the International College of Dentists Leadership Award, and decorated by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry for his excellence in pediatric dental care.


Dr. Shisler is currently active in the Greater Houston Dental Society through the Legislative Action Committee and the Houston Academy of Pediatric Dentists. Dr. Shisler recently completed an appointment to represent Texas on the American Dental Association New Dentist Committee. He takes pride in representing his profession and is passionate about pediatric dental care and the issues that affect pediatric patients.


Dr. Shisler and his wife, Emily, an educational consultant, are raising their two daughters, Eleanor and Victoria, in their Houston Heights neighborhood, though they make frequent weekend visits to their farmhouse in Round Top, TX.


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Rita M. Cammarata DDS,  Jennifer P. Kong DDS, Adam C. Shisler DDS MSD and Brenden E. Taylor DDS MSD are Board Certified Pediatric Dentists. ABPD