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dr. garrett

Rachael A. Garrett, DDS, MSD


"A great patient experience is my goal for you and your child’s visit while delivering quality care. I strive to create a fun atmosphere and take each child’s individual needs into consideration."

Jennifer Cunningham, DDS


"For me, it is clear: I love being around kids. I find them funny, entertaining, joyful, and full of possibilities. All qualities I want to surround myself with on a daily basis. "

Jennifer R. Mata, DDS



Join Us in Welcoming
Dr. Mata to Cammarata Pediatric Dentistry Group!

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dr. cammarata

more about

dr. mata

Adam C. Shisler, DDS, MSD

Managing Partner,

Pediatric Dentist


"It is my goal to equip your child with the tools to maintain good oral hygiene and ensure that they enjoy visiting the dentist. I strive to be a resource for you and to develop a lasting relationship with your children. "

Brenden E. Taylor, DDS, MSD


Pediatric Dentist


"My philosophy is built upon creating oral health through positive dental experiences and education. Thank you for allowing me to be an advocate for your

child’s oral health."

Rita M. Cammarata, DDS

Founder, Pediatric Dentist


"I value the opportunity and role a pediatric dentist fulfills in a child’s life. Thank you for helping me fulfill my dreams and for entrusting my team of pediatric dental specialists and me to the compassionate care of your child."

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dr. cunningham

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dr. shisler

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dr. taylor

Issues mothers face

• Painful nursing

• Creased or flattened nipples

• Blistered or cut nipples

• Incomplete breast drainage

• Plugged ducts or mastitis

• Using a nipple shield

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Meet Our Pediatric Dental Specialists

Your Child’s First Visit

All About Cammarata Pediatric Dentistry Group

We are a Pediatric Dental Specialty Practice

We’re proud of what people say about Cammarata Shisler & Taylor Pediatric Dentistry Group!

It’s Easy to Schedule a FUN Visit with Cammarata Pediatric Dentistry Group

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Our doctors and team are dedicated to great dental experiences.


Our doctors, along with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend you bring your child in by his or her first birthday.


During your first visit, you will be introduced to our Pediatric Dental Team, given an office tour and discuss your child’s unique smile and ways to keep it beautiful for years to come.


Depending on the age of your child, he or she will either be given a knee-to-knee examination (where your baby’s head will rest on our doctor’s knee while their body is on your lap) or a regular exam in the doctor’s chair.


We request that you complete our First Visit Forms prior to arriving for your appointment. This helps our office keep your and everyone else’ scheduled visit on time.

Remembering the dentist as FUN is an effort from every team member.


Our mission is to provide the infants, children, and teens of our community with preventive, restorative and
orthodontic dental care in a gentle, caring, professional environment that sets dental excellence and patient care

as its highest goal.


Our vision is to become an icon for providing excellent pediatric dental care and to develop into a pillar of

 respect and support for our community.

All our doctors are pediatric dentists,
they specialize in the treatment and prevention of dental disease, as well as the overall oral health of children. Through extra years of schooling, training, experience, and certification, a pediatric dentist is uniquely qualified to treat the dental needs of infants, children, adolescents, teens as well as those with special healthcare needs.


Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?


A pediatric patient not only has a different dentition than adults but he/she may have specific dental and behavioral needs that are unique to a child. These needs may include orthodontics, sealants, fluoride applications or home treatments, or just simply education in oral hygiene. In addition to treating existing dental problems, our office focuses on prevention through patient and parent education.


We like to feel that you and your child do not come to our office to have their “cavities fixed” but rather to prevent them. We strive to provide all of the educational tools necessary for our patients to enjoy a cavity-free future.



Learn about our kids dental specialty:

defining tongue-tie & lip-tie


Most of us think of tongue-tie as a situation we find ourselves in when we are too excited to speak. Actually, tongue-tie is the non-medical term for ankyloglossia, a relatively common physical condition that limits the use of the tongue. Similarly, lip-tie is a condition where the upper lip has restricted mobility and function.


As we develop in the womb, a tight string of tissue called a frenum, located under the tongue and lip, is supposed to recede and become thinner. It is easily visible and felt when using a mirror. Everyone has a frenum, but in some people the frenum fails to recede and is too tight, thick or short and causes mobility problems.


The tongue and lip are a very complex group of muscles and are important for all oral functions. For this reason, having a tongue-tie can lead to many issues with nursing, bottle feeding, dental, speech, sleep, solid feeding and so much more.


Issues babies face

• Poor latch

• Poor weight gain

• Reflux or spitting up often

• Clicking or smacking noises

• Gassy or fussy often

• Milk dribbles out of mouth

• Baby is frustrated when eating

• Unable to hold a pacifier

• Prolonged nursing sessions

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texas dental associaiton logo and link Rita M. Cammarata DDS,  Jennifer P. Kong DDS, Adam C. Shisler DDS MSD and Brenden E. Taylor DDS MSD are Board Certified Pediatric Dentists. ABPD american dental association logo and link american assocation of pediatric dentistry logo and link